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Gondola Coniston Lake District GONDOLA


The National Trust

Gondola On Lake ConistonThe Steam Yacht Gondola is an unforgettable experience as you cruise on Coniston Water in the Lake District. While you cruise on the Gondola with its grand Victorian elegance and the plush interior you can admire the excellent views that can be seen on your journey to Brantwood the home of John Ruskin from 1872 to 1900.

The Gondola is available for private charter for all your special occasions. For more information you can or telephone them.

The original Steam Yacht Gondola was first launched in 1859 on Coniston Water, it was commissioned by Sir James Ramsden of the Furness Railway Company.

The first passengers were in 1860 and travelled in grand Victorian elegance and splendor in the plush forward 1st class saloon, while her 3rd class passengers were seated in the austere saloon.

GondolaWhen the Gondola was seventy six years old in 1936 she went into retirement, but the sister steamer The Lady of the Lake carried on working until 1939. In the year of 1945 she came out of retirement and became an houseboat but in 1960's she was beached and derelict after a storm.

The owners several years later began to preserve her iron hull by digging out a channel and intentionally allowed her to settle in the silt, the aim was to form a water tight seal between the hull and silt in an attempt to prevent corrosion to the hull.

When the boat was rescued from the lake, it was found to have deteriorated too much for a renovation, so a campaign was launched to have her rebuilt.

The present day Gondola is essentially rebuilt to the exact specifications of the original 1859 Gondola, but essentially is a replica with some of the orginal Gondola's features.

In 1980 she was re-launched again, hundred and twenty years after her first appearance on Coniston Water.



It is advisable to contact Gondola prior to your visit if there is something specific you wish to see or any alterations have been made to the Opening times and the attraction itself. Disclaimer

Further information and details on opening times, costs and facilities please contact or visit their website.

Location - Coniston from the Pier

Telephone: Gondola +44 [0] 15394 41288
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Gondola Lake District National Trust

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